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JaniceLim posted Jan 14 at 6:41 am
Can anyone recommend for a good CRM that is free or affordable for small business? My company is startup doing e-commerce.

So far I only check out Tawkto.

Hi, I just join this company a few days ago. They provided me a laptop for design work but they refuse to buy the design software for me to use, told me to find a pirated version due to no budget. Is this normal practice? It's a small company, only 8 people.

What should I do? I'm using trial version now, but after expire I won't be able to do my work anymore.

I feel conflicted whether or not to ask for a pay raise. I feel that I am underpaid. It is strange that I'm a junior graphic designer in title with senior experience and knowledge but no career progression. I have asked my boss how to improve and they only gave vague answers like "take more initiative" and "innovate". Any advice please?

My boss has been quite hot and cold lately. Sometimes when he's in a good mood. My work and other stuff gets approved. But when he's mad, he'll be in a spree, often times lashing at someone or slamming office furniture. It's quite scary.

Oh well. I get pushed around a lot. Like when I'm needed, I'm treated very well. Almost king-like. But when I'm not needed at all, I'm basically trash.

I was hired as a visual artist (designer) but then the company kept giving me more responsibilities over a period of less than 3 months. I’m not only handling the visuals, I’m also managing the company’s social media accounts and planning strategies to market the products. Should I ask for a raise? What should I do?

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