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Sorry I have one more question here. As I mention before, company did provide me laptop but it is quite slow and affect my speed to finish the design tasks. I give this as a reason but my boss seem not happy with it, and told me ask HR about upgrade. But HR ask me to wait because no budget yet.

I have my own desktop at home, but is it my responsibility until I bring it to office to work?

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lukepreston posted Jan 14 at 10:19 am
I have been working very hard for the past 2 years and I think my work is being unnoticed by an unappreciative, demanding head. She will always put me down or just plainly reject my ideas/suggestions just because I am a junior designer.

When should I ask for a promotion? Or is changing jobs an option for me?

I am working in a pretty well-known "International" company as a junior graphic designer under a very demanding, controlling, yet less knowledgeable head of department. She always find ways or reasons to pick on me somehow giving me the most challenging things to do.

When I excel at it, I will get even harder tasks but when I fail, she will point it out and make it into a very big issue. It c
Hi, I just join this company a few days ago. They provided me a laptop for design work but they refuse to buy the design software for me to use, told me to find a pirated version due to no budget. Is this normal practice? It's a small company, only 8 people.

What should I do? I'm using trial version now, but after expire I won't be able to do my work anymore.

I feel conflicted whether or not to ask for a pay raise. I feel that I am underpaid. It is strange that I'm a junior graphic designer in title with senior experience and knowledge but no career progression. I have asked my boss how to improve and they only gave vague answers like "take more initiative" and "innovate". Any advice please?

I was hired as a visual artist (designer) but then the company kept giving me more responsibilities over a period of less than 3 months. I’m not only handling the visuals, I’m also managing the company’s social media accounts and planning strategies to market the products. Should I ask for a raise? What should I do?

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