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admin posted Jan 17 at 3:50 am
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broomhaylie posted Feb 19 at 11:27 am
I believe I performed badly during my job interview and wonder I select the job I was nervous because one of the question did not understand me. After all, I join Cuponism It is good experience for me. HR manager supports me and different growth opportunities provide.

hqadmin posted Feb 18 at 2:13 am
We are not able to verify our email address through the link sent to our email address. Much appreciate if you could kindly assist.

JaniceLim posted Jan 21 at 7:47 am
i have a colleague who complain and gossip a lot, sometimes during working hours also. i feel like the things they say cause a lot of negativity and stress.

but this colleague is very senior so i feel i can't be direct with them without causing problems for myself. but seem like they like to talk to me, so how to avoid this person while keeping good relationship with them?

faizfahmi posted Jan 17 at 7:05 am
I have 2 years experience in food & beverage industry. I'm looking for a new opportunity to grow my carrier in procurement/ supply chain in any field.

recent by nikki_liaw  ·  Jan 20 at 6:49 am
I have seen an ex-colleague being asked to leave her job from a renown brand in a red coloured logo. The customer she was dealing with was obviously being difficult on purpose just so that customer can get something free. She demanded even! lol

After that debacle between this ex-colleague and that customer, she was asked to leave as she didn't fulfil customer's satisfaction. The branch manage
Nadiyah posted Jan 16 at 8:49 am
Hello! I'm a HR exec, and I'm curious what are the reasons people leave their company. Many websites say the main reason is due to a bad manager. Is this true?

Last time I quit my job was simply because I was offered a better pay at another company.

How about you? Why did you quit?

recent by faizfahmi  ·  Jan 17 at 6:57 am
The company I have been working has been laying off people over the past few weeks and I'm one of the last people to be asked to leave because the company is closing down for some reason. At first I thought some people were managed out because of performance review or cutting cost but it is way serious than that.

Is there a way to get some compensation as this does affect my income and also m
I have been working at this current workplace for about 2 years now and feeling a major burnout because of the stress and workload. I work as an administrator and the work kills everything. Most of the time after work, I feel unsatisfied with life and my career in general. What should I do to improve my life? Should I quit my job and start over again? Or should I speak to my boss honestly about i
recent by Nadiyah  ·  Jan 16 at 9:15 am
I have been working at a company as an accountant for a year plus now but there are no mentions about a pay raise and it is really getting on my nerves. They do give bonuses but it is not enough. It is possible to ask it straight up from my boss or HR? Is there even a way to make it sound professional but yet straight forward?

recent by Nadiyah  ·  Jan 16 at 9:10 am
Hello everyone! I'm working in HR and I notice it's hard to get honest answers during an exit interview. Usually the person just wants to leave peacefully and not stir up any problems, so the interview ends up pretty short and not very useful for HR.

Any experts can share some tips? Thanksss~

Sorry I have one more question here. As I mention before, company did provide me laptop but it is quite slow and affect my speed to finish the design tasks. I give this as a reason but my boss seem not happy with it, and told me ask HR about upgrade. But HR ask me to wait because no budget yet.

I have my own desktop at home, but is it my responsibility until I bring it to office to work?

recent by nikki_liaw  ·  Jan 16 at 7:57 am
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